Passenger Protection

Creative Bus Sales and Freedman Seating, North America’s leader in passenger seating and safety, introduce passenger protective equipment (PPE) to help protect passengers against the spread of germs and airborne viruses. This new line of safety enhancements adds another layer of protection to the industry’s most trusted seating products, which are always tested to meet or exceed motor safety standards.


Passenger Guards

  • Made from soft, clear vinyl that is:
    • Replaceable
    • Easy to clean
    • UV and mildew resistant
  • Flexible material does not present a laceration hazard or hard impact surface
  • Easy to replace, yet not removable by riders


  • For seats with and without grab rails
  • Unique designs for OEM Ford Transit seats (see Gallery tab)
  • Available on Freedman Feather Weight Mid-High, 3PT Mid-High, GO-ES, and most Foldaway seats

Social Distancing Seat Bands

Standard Features

  • Blocks passenger seats from being used
  • Easy to add in the field
  • Removable for seating reconfiguration
  • Made of a durable, flat-woven fabric that is anti-microbial and moisture repellent
  • Standard orange for optimum visibility


  • Available for single and double passenger seats, and seats with removable inserts

Grab Rail Covers

  • Made from Dimensions Nanocide vinyl with embedded silver, a natural antimicrobial
  • Standard charcoal color
  • Easy to add or replace in the field
  • Easy to clean (follow manufacturer’s cleaning guide)
  • Available on all Freedman grab rails (202A, Feather Weight AV and 3PT)